Christchurch Weather.

Christchurch Weather, updated every minute.


Christchurch Rain Radar, updated every three hours.

Satellite Image of New Zealand, updated every three hours.

Isobaric image of New Zealand, updated every day.


WaterWeb reads data from a weather station located on the roof of the Christchurch City Council Building. Data is updated every minute, 24 hours a day.

The weather condition is calculated using the temperature and rainfall as factors, and the current weather icon displayed may not be an accurate indication due to the absence of a light meter on the weather station.


bulletIncluded is a night-and-day algorithm and daylight savings. Sunset and Sunrise is accurate to +/- 2minutes.

bulletWindchill is calculated using [outside temperature] - ([wind speed in km] / 2.85) .

bulletCurrent icon is determined by:
temp + [(15 - [avg temp for month])/3,
where temp = ([outside temperature] + [wind chill temperature]) / 2

bulletRainfall is measured by reporting the total rainfall in the last 30 minutes.


Courtesy Metservice and Christchurch City Council.